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Megan Wells and Chris Garofalo

Circle of Excellence Winner

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"You ROCK!" Yo-Yo Ma

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Megan Wells as Dracula


Megan Wells Bram Stokers Dracula

There are five parts to the video.

Megan - Mozart's Sister

Mozart's Sister

Megan Wells Mozarts Sister

There are two parts to the video.

Megan Wells telling Personal Story

Personal Story at

Personal Story at

Megan - Wings of Love

Wings of Love

Megan Wells Wings of Love

There are two parts to the video.

Megan - Helen's Troy

Helen's Troy

Megan Wells Tells Helen's Troy

Ray Bradbury Festival

Ray Bradbury Festival

Every year! Last Friday in October!

Ray Bradbury Matinee, 2014

Ray Bradbury Evening, 2012