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Megan Wells tells The Ugly Duckling

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    Megan Wells helps you find the right story and the right style to present an inspiring narrative.


    Megan Wells is a story artist and a theater artist. She creates the warm intimacy of Storytelling, and more. Megan infuses characters with living souls and delivers the experience with delicious theatrical timing. Author and Professor Rives Collins says it best,

    "Megan Wells is both intimate and epic in equal measure."

    An award-winning storyteller, Megan performs in museums and symphonies, enhances education for thousands of children, entertains families in festivals and libraries, and helps executives, actors and storytellers craft powerful stories to effect change.

    With over forty years of experience, Megan has a vast repertoire. She tells traditional tales, multi-cultural myths, historical events, as well as personal and true stories. Perhaps, her daughters say it best,

    "Mom's a storytelling jukebox. Put a quarter 'n pick your favorite!"

    Megan is also among the top literary storytellers in America. As the Artistic Director of the Ray Bradbury Storytelling Festival, Ray granted Megan permission to perform his works. She is equally comfortable in the jazzier domains of Chicago's current spoken word explosion.

    Megan Wells began her career as an actress and director in Chicago. She also worked as a communication consultant to Fortune 500 companies. A lover of words, Megan helped executives craft presentations with great care for the structure, rhetoric and dynamic of words carried from mouth to ear.

    After a workshop, an enthusiastic client said, "You should tell stories," and suggested a trip to the National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough, Tennessee. There, Megan discovered the art of Storytelling.

    After sharing a personal story at the open mic, Megan was approached by the MC, Rafe Martin. A featured teller at the festival, Rafe asked, "Are you a storyteller?" Megan replied, "I don't even know what that is!" Rafe replied, "You are."

    At the end of the weekend, Megan found Rafe and asked, "What do I do? To become a storyteller?" Rafe advised,

    "Find stories you love and tell them."

    Megan has been following his sage words ever since.

    "Storytelling is my joy - launching listeners into galaxies of Imagination. In the outer space of the inner mind, human beings become wise."

    Megan Wells


    • Circle of Excellence Award, National Storytelling Network
    • Joseph Jefferson Award for Direction
    • Education Press, Distinguished Achievement Award, CD FIRE IN BOOMTOWN
    • Parent's Choice GOLD, CD FIRE IN BOOMTOWN
    • Parent's Choice 25 best of 25 years, CD FIRE IN BOOMTOWN.


    • BFA, Theater Arts, Illinois Wesleyan University
    • MFA, Directing, Illinois State University

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